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Dorset ADHD would welcome your views on services for ADHD within Dorset, Poole and Bournemouth. We would like to hear of your experiences (Good or Bad) about services such as health, social care, education and with other bodies/organisations working with you as a family or individual.

We will remove any comments/posts that we consider to be offensive, distressing and that are of a discrimatory nature.

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Posted by Dorset ADHD on 26/08/2017   Email

Dorset ADHD is still very much active. We have NOT folded as some may think. Just because there is no up to date comments, does not mean we have stopped supporting those with ADHD. Thank you

Posted by Lydia Tallis on 23/08/2017

Just wondering if this Support Group is still active, as there haven't been any posts since 2014?

Posted by Sarah Templeton on 12/12/2014   Email

I am looking for a doctor in the Poole or Bournemouth area who understands and accepts ADHD as I am recently diagnosed but my own Dr Isn't terribly aware. Is there either a psychologist psychiatrist or Dr anywhere in this Dorset area anyone could recommend

Posted by Alison Killer on 23/06/2014

I have adult ADD and have had disappointing experiences of services in this area and do not feel supported at all.Do your support groups meet at a venue in north Dorset? I look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by Renee on 13/06/2014   Email

Hi, Im 42 and was diagnosed with adult ADD in 2005. My partner and I are moving to Dorset at the beginning of July and I want to get in touch with other people with adult ADD/ADHD. I am willing to help start up a support group for us and our long suffering families. Please fell free to email me, we could really help each other out! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Posted by kathsego on 09/04/2014

my son has been diognosed with Aspergers and has been told by the last Dr. that we visited he has ADHD although, he does not have a written diognosis.we have visited several Dr.'s over the years but feel we have not had any where near the appropriate advice and guidence. My son lives in our family home along with his 3 much younger siblings which throws up various challenges.Any advice on getting a written diognosis, or specialist Dr.'s in this field would be much appreciated. As a family we just want to be able to help him as so far frankly, the advice and avenues have been poor to say the least.We have recently been told the only option is to go private, which for me is not possible as I simply do not have the funds. Any advice greatfy received.

Posted by tim flynn on 08/08/2013   Email

hi i would like too get help i have verry bad anger problimes i can be verry happy then with in mins i have verry agresive and anger then after wids i feel fisacly drayend my mom an dad and sisters have been telling me i might have a problim thay say i can have adhd thay say from a young age i whas verry hyper active the school doctor wanted too give me a drug called ritalin but my mom sead no i cant keep a job down i always walk out or get sacket plz if u can help

Posted by Jade on 30/04/2013   Email

Please could i have some help im struggling very much with my son :( Hes 7 years old and struggling very much, with his emotions and he has a tick that hes struggling with. Please could u help me out, Maybe? Many Thanks Jade Whitbread

Posted by Rod on 07/02/2013   Email

Can anyone tell me who the best person to see is too see if I have Adult ADHD? I am completely unable to manage my life. When I was a kid I was diagnosed with Sequential Memory Dyslexia but that was before ADHD was recognised. I was out of control and expelled from school and ended up taking a lot of drugs and have never quite got it together. I am happy, but I cannot focus on anything or get anything done. I just flit from one thing to another and get myself into a terrible state! My neice has just been diagnosed with ADHD and my Sister and parents seem to think I have it Any advice would be appreciated. My email should be showing.

Posted by karen on 26/11/2012

I have just been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD i am 49 yrs old is there any sypport groups in pooe dorset please

Posted by kaz on 16/11/2012   Email

I have recently Just been diagnosed with Adult ADD?ADHD, is there a support group for Adults, I live in Poole. The Dr who diagnosed me is very good and very helpful giving me lots of website addresses, but would like to meet others who suffer with this I am 49 yrs old.

Posted by Mark Culbreth on 21/10/2012   Email

Hi, thank you for reply. I am actually qualified and very experienced Restraint and Breakaway Instructor, which is why I was suprised with her comments. I honestly feel that knowing control & restraint skills keeps all involved much safer. It allows you to respond, not react to possible violence. I am also a Conflict Management Instructor so I am fairly well positioned on knowing when to use Reasonable Force. Please visit my website www.unit-defence.co.uk to understand where I am coming from. Im afraid that these so called professionals who think they have the best interests of the child at heart are mistaken on this subject. Using Control & Restraint as a last resort is only for the purpose of controling the situation, it is not to punish or cause harm, it is to gain control and create a calm environment, this obviously reduces the risk of harm. I would very much like to help families who experience similar difficulties to ours. We do find it very difficult to understand our sons beha

Posted by Ethan Fox on 20/10/2012   Email

Hey, My name's Ethan and I've recently moved from Southampton to Bournemouth for Uni! It's amazing! I'm 18 and was diagnosed with ADHD when I was very young, I've never been medicated and my Mum has always sought alternative methods to help me learn to 'control' myself. I LOVE having ADHD and my friends have become very used to me and how I react to situations! I have a part time job and am very well respected by managers and staff alike! It IS possible to 'control' ADHD without medication! :) I worked with 5 young lads in Southampton with ADHD and with feedback from their school and parents, seemed to have made a big impact on them! More than willing to help out wherever possible! Thanks, Ethan :)

Posted by Susan Wardle on 17/10/2012   Email

well Fordington Surgey, Dorch doesn't seem much help and refused to prescribe for me when I moved from Chickerell to Dorchester even though I had been diagnosed by Dr Godfrey in Weymouth

Posted by Dorset ADHD on 12/10/2012   Email

Hello Mark Have you asked the Child Protection Officer if there is a possibility of both you and your wife/partner taking a Control & Restraint Course. This way it may help remove the fear of such services taking any action. We would also suggest you speak with your child's health provider or CAMHS to see if they can help with Anger Management issues. Hope this helps.

Posted by Dorset ADHD on 12/10/2012   Email

We are working in partnership with a service in the hope to start Adult ADHD Group meetings in Bournemouth in the not too distant future. Once we have dates, news will be announced on the site and through local media. Thank you

Posted by Dorset ADHD on 12/10/2012   Email

Hi No Dorset ADHD Support Group is not a 'New Group' we have been established for well over 15yrs and based in the Weymouth Area. We are about to launch our ADHD Resource Centre in next few weeks.

Posted by Mark Culbreth on 09/10/2012   Email

Hi, I am married with 4 children and one of them is diagnosed ADHD. He is 10 years old and acts (as my wife and I are told) typical of a child with ADHD. He does at times assault members of our family, he has punched his mum several times in the face, he hits his 2 younger sisters and will sometimes hit his older brother and indeed me. When he is physically violent I will use reasonable force to restrain him if absolutely necessary. A child protection officer recently told me that i could not restrain him. Have you heard of any concerns from parents that do not know how to control their violent children? Regards Mark

Posted by Diane V on 13/09/2012

My Husband has ADHD and we discovered an adult support group which was fantastic for him and a lifeline for me. They meet once a month but we are moving to the Bournemouth area next month and are desperate to find a support group in the area. HELP!

Posted by lucy wilcox on 11/09/2012

Hi there, are you a new Charity as we havent heard of you before?, i got your details from a link on 'wheres your head at?'. As a family all living with ADHD/ADD what services/ support can you help us with please? There are no services that we know of for kids and Adults with ADHD/ADD locally in Dorset. Thanks.

Posted by Dorset ADHD on 03/09/2012   Email

Dear John Thank you for your comments. We fully agree in what you are saying with regards to adult ADHD and the provision of support. Unfortunately Dorset ADHD does not recieve any sources of funding to provide support to any age group, not just adults with ADHD. We are in discussions with a venue provider and hope to be able to announce the meeting dates of an adult ADHD meeting in the Bournemouth area soon.

Posted by John Lyle on 21/08/2012

Hi, I am an adult diagnosed & medicated for ADHD. I also have been diagnosed as borderline aspergers. It seems that there are quite a few support groups for children, and parents of ADHD kids, but not much once the person with ADHD is over 25. The reason being that the organisations don't get funding for anyone over that age. I think it is terrible.

Posted by Dorset ADHD on 23/03/2012   Email

Dorset ADHD attends the PAN Dorset ADHD Strategy Development Group (Multi-agency) and would be only too pleased to highlight your concerns on services or support you or your family receive.